Should I be pissed that the guy I'm dating is talking to a girl on a game while talking to me?

I'm trying to be open minded.
But im getting a little jealous.
We are on the phone, and he is talking with a girl over a pc game. Seems like they play often. He sounded bored while talking to me but vibrant when talking to her. He's asking her if she has him on snapchat and etc. I'm just sitting here on the other side trying not to be a wet blanket but listening to them play the pc game over a video chat. But I'm a little annoyed. I guess I should be grateful that he has me in the phone while playing a game? I don't know. How would you feel?

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  • I vote B


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  • If you're literally there with him and he's ignoring you to chat with some girl on his phone, I'd walk out. Screw that.

    • I'm not there with him, I'm on the phone with him.
      PI know but it's a "game" so I don't know. I'm trying to think rationally about it. But I'm getting a little angry now. Lol. The more I hear her voice and her saying dude go get this and do that. It's making my skin boil.

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  • What video games does he play with the chick?

  • Why would he be taking to anyone else when you're talking to him? That doesn't even make sense

    • He's not talking to me?
      He's talking to her over be game.
      I'm just sitting on the phone not talking.
      Read the description.

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    • I'm sorry, whether he realizes it or not, he is being an asshole right now. Hopefully he will get it

    • Don't settle for that bullshit.

  • That wouldn't make me happy. I understand having friends of either gender, especially when playing video games. I have both. But asking for snapchat and other things and seeming more enthusiastic doesn't bode well.

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