I desperately need a Help please?

I Knew this girl from twitter, we've been flirting for so long, then she asked for my number, she told me that she needed help, i called and she told me she has a boyfriend and they just left her for his ex, she was devastated and i tried to calm her down and she asked if we can be friends, we used to call/text/facetime each other 24/7 for 3 months now. At that time i was really sick and most the time sleeping at the hospital (Chronic illness) but i gave her all my time and effort to listen to her bitching about her ex. I gave her a present for her BD just exactly what she wanted. She was On and Off w her ex (mostly off and fighting when they're on) She was so flirty and she always ask me if i would date her! I took the hint but i always says no cause she's not Emotionally stable. Last time we talked her ex called and she kept me on hold so long i got angry, then she just simlpy disappeared from my life! She got back to her ex now and told me she's just busy (i knew they got back from Twitter not her) she said its just temporary but hasn't called in a week now! I called her once said i miss you, and she said i'm with a friend rn, i discovered later she was on a date with him!

DONT TELL ME TO CONFRONT HER. She doesn't like it and once she made fun of her friend who told her why have you chamged and called her "Pathetic"

She used to say any girl would be lucky to date me, she actully suggested we date! She flirts! Why would she do that then leave!
you guys have to know what kind of person i am, i was so lonely before i met her, i'm nerdy, quiet, shy.

and her boyfriend is a bad guy he actully threatened her to kill her! And did harmed her car!
What should i do now? if she call how should i respons and what should i say? I dont wanna be pathatic (i know i am) but not with her please help:(


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  • Sounds like she is using you only when she needs someone to talk or go to. If she really cared about you, she wouldn't do this to you. Best to just cut her off your life and move on. Plenty of girls out there who deserve the love you can offer.

    If she reaches out to you just ignore her or block her. She chose to be with her ex even when he has threatened her.

    • I agree with everything you said and i do believe it is the right thing to do, i do.. But its so hard to do it, i can't stop checking her twitter, i even stalked her ex to know if they are together ( so creepy and so pathatic i know) i'm afraid that i love her and that will make it worse. Actually she just texted me asking how am doing and why i checked in, in a hospital which i did, i dont know what to say! Its so hard, i can feel my heart hurt and im so sad it really affected my health.
      I trusted her, told her everything about me, my dreams and deepest secrets, i'm so disappointed and hurt. So sorry for being dramatic, i dont have anyone to turn to

    • When you love someone and they can't return that.. it hurts. I have been there. Think the best thing to do is just go out, find a hobby or meet new people who will help you in a positive way. If you ever just need to talk, I am here to listen.

    • Thank you so much for your help
      I followed you.
      Have a great day!

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  • Just follow your heart. If she contact you again, just talk to her as usual. Tell her that guy is a bad guy and she should consider again. If she doesn't contact you again, text her sometimes even if she ignores u. Just do what makes you happy.

    • I already told her, million times and she's still with him right now.
      I dont wanna follow my heart, it will only make me look like a fool, and why in hell would i still contact someone even after they ignore me? This is too much, i am sad and broken without her yes, but i can't let myslef look like a fool while she laughes with another man who for sure doesn't deserve her!

    • Sorry to hear that. But its still better than being cheated. She's just not suppossed to be yours. You'll meet your perfect match someday.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and help

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