Cheating? :-( ?

Something i want to share with y'all people..
1 year ago i was just about to get married but before getting it done i thought about testing my girl with a hot guy friend and i did.
She was in love with me and she had been asking me for a baby. She was my only one and no one else mattered.
Then she blows it all up good.
Me and homeboy go to her job to see if my boy can spit some lines and get her number.. And he gets it almost effortlessly. I text her pretending to be my friend basically complimenting her looks and she goes "ur really cute too"
Then i ask if she got a boyfriend and she goes " yea but he dont got to know nothing, because were just friends right?"
Not really cheating but showing interest! !
Without saying nothing i miss work the next day to get all my stuff out of our place, i pay the rent and then i was a goner. Later that day i told her err thing..
What do think? What woud u do?


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  • If she can do it with your friend, she can do it with any random guy who flirts with her. Would you be comfortable marrying someone who can't stay loyal to you?

    I'd drop her. Find someone who only has eyes for you.

  • If you doubt her motives, find a new girl. One who will be true to you. Maybe you dodged a bullet with this one.


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