Have you ever been in a relationship and have been tempted to cheat but didnt?

Im pretty sure we all meet and see different types of people on a daily basis, sometimes we even work or go to school with different people and we also find some of those people very attractive even when we are in relationships. Before anyone says anything, i am against cheating and we all know its BAD. If you're not happy in the relationship then end it right? But we also have people who are happy for the most part and maybe their significant other is lacking on a few things that aren't making them happy. So, when you meet this attractive people for a split second a thought crosses your mind " i wish i could have sex with this person, i wanna make out with this person, etc etc" and you're so tempted to do something about it but in the end you end up not doing it because you dont wanna hurt your gf/bf.

The question is, have you ever been tempted to cheat? Or has it ever cross your mind to hook up with that person you have been working or gone to school with but you just dont do it in the end cause you're in a relationship?


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  • Yeah I think it's normal to feel this way that is why we need to have self-control. It happened to me and I still feel super bad about it though I never do anything with him. We shared a lot of things in common, used to have lunch together, and I realized that we got into this comfortable zone and it's unhealthy for me as I am in a relationship. He's single and I know if I ever broke up with my boyfriend he'll be happy.

    We worked at the same place and see each other at least 8 hours per day. He's attractive than my boyfriend. I hate it but I've to admit it. Tall, buff, blue eyes, dark hair just wow. I'm a liar if I say I've never thought about having sex with him. Sometimes I feel like shit because I know if my boyfriend ever thinks like this about his female colleague, I'd feel like crap. I'd feel so angry. So I told him everything about how I feel. That we should limit ourselves because I love my SO. He looked unhappy and didn't talk to me for a few weeks >_<

    I didn't bother because I know it's for my good. My relationship is more important than him. He seems cool nowadays. I guess he got over it.


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  • nah. but then again i have only had few relatiinships and longest was 1.5 years, so...
    but id never actually cheat, even if id think about it


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  • So... I'm lively, forward, and, often, flirtatious with random strangers. Having grown up with four rowdy and bawdy brothers -- with no sisters or mother to "civilize" us -- I'll totally hang sexual innuendoes on random conversations, just as a device to relieve boredom (and to see what kinds of faces I can get guys to make, lol).

    I've always been that way, and, frankly, I've never given a fuck. It's fun. It adds a spring to my step and a little sunshine to my day.
    I can also read people well enough to sense "sketch" and danger at a distance of 500 yards, so, the odds that I'll get myself into trouble are slim to none.

    So what's my point?

    My point is this:
    What WOULD be "temptation" for other women -- women who've constantly been discouraged from random flirting and innuendoes and all that, and who've been taught to add a whole extra layer of "modesty" to their clothes AND their conduct when they're "taken" -- just isn't, for me.
    It isn't temptation at all.
    It's just fun.

    Whenever I've been "taken" -- including my awesome 15+ year marriage, now -- I can still go flirt up a storm, and have FUN, and absolutely not be tempted to stray at all.
    Because flirting has never been "forbidden fruit" in the first place.

    And if there's any sexual tension, I can bring all that shit home and take it out on my man.

    • i dont know about all that, that might be true for you, but i still think flirting is wrong if you are in a committed relationship.

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    • well, its hard for me to imagine him enjoying that, but if your both into that, then i guess there's no problem.

      personally no girl i have been with wanted me so much as to talk friendly with other chicks. that wasn't even flirting, and i domt even talk to lots of women.. just casual talks.
      and me too, i dont like my girl flirting with anybody else. my first girlfriend used to to do that , sometimes in front of me. she was a complete sloot too, bit i was just dirat time in love and too much of a pussy to realize that and stand up to her about it. anyway those times are long gone,, and i dont put up with thaz stuff anymore

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  • I've been in the situation where I was attracted to another man. I worried about it because I married a beautiful guy both caring and gorgeous to look at. I asked him straight out one day what would happen if I was attracted to another guy and his answer was if I loved him (the other guy) we (husband and I) would break up but he would really hate it. You really have to think of what the consequences of your actions might be. It's one thing to think about but another thing to act on it.

  • Not to cheat. I just happened to develop a crush on someone else. Needless to say, I broke up with my boyfriend as soon as I realized it.

    • thazs a good thing you did. lots of women dont do that

    • It was the right thing to do.

  • Yes... several times , but i never cheated. Temptations never bother me much , but if i really feel he/she could be a better partner then i would move on and Instead of cheating i would tell my partner straight away... cause we live only once , and want the best for me.


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  • No, I have never been in a relationship. I have always been single.

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