Girls, Does she still like me?

sorry for the long story - me and a women used to catch the same train after work, I thought she was good looking and then noticed how she would stare at me, look me up and down, huff and puff behind me and look at me, shove her name travel card in my face when the ticket warden would come to check tickets. stare at me from a far etc. so I started catching it less and less due to work.

I then noticed that she seemed very sad and staring at the ground until she seen me and then she would look with her eyes lit up and kind of freeze staring at me. so yet again due to work i disappeared for 2 months got back on and she was staring at the ground and me with a slight smile holding lilies to her chest 2 weeks later I got on the train sat opposite her in a booth and she looked at everyone but me. like avoided looking at me when she would turn her head to look at other people who was already on the train before me she would avoid me i was thinking what the hell.

so 3 months later i stopped sitting near her or standing near her. she would stare from a distance like she was confused or something watching me joke with other passengers. then she started fixing her hair, make up and perfume. purposely walk passed and smile? so i felt as if my disappearing may have gotten to her?

So I would still disappear and every month of me re appearing it got more and more like she started with abit of smile talk purposely walking passed. the next time it was walking passed and saying hi and blushing and smiling really heavily. but she would only walk to the other side if I wasn't near her?

so it made me wonder how her work is very professional she can create sales videos and she is very clever how she is like that?

so I came back 2 months later to make my move as I knew i may of confused her after all it had been roughly 1 year. seen her with her new boyfriend. she seen me and went red, distant with him , almost aggressive and anxious to get away. Check update..

So i decided to not add her on facebook but surprise her with a comment lol on her photo. so I commented (Hey, you look nice). so the following day I went to the train stop and noticed she stood there with a huge smile until her boyfriend walked up and noticed to what she was smiling at. he followed me onto the same carriage looking mopey. as he faced the other way she turned towards me and stared me int her eyes with a huge smile like she was saying something and looked away biting her lips
so he made her message me on fb and block me. I sent a message via linkedin 3 days later saying why I had disappeared and i respect her wishes she mad eme nervous etc but i hope maybe in the future we can get to know each other. so she hasn't blocked me she uploaded a new picture of her smiling the same way which is weird as her previous photo is better for the business. So its obv I was to late, but these signs after my comment are confusing me I thought getting advice from a female would help.


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  • She might, it's hard to say. If they broke up it's possible...