How long should I wait before suggesting hangout again?

Hung out with this girl yesterday, it was pretty fun, our plan didn't exactly go as we wanted it but she said next time we should pick a better place for it, but we still ended up killing a few hours just talking and exploring.

Anyway I've hungout with her a few times, usually 2-3 weeks apart but this most recent one was over a month apart because of cancelling and a few complications.

I want to hangout with her later next week again but would it come off as too strong?


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  • No, not at all. If you want to get to know her better and have a better chance at getting serious with her, you should try to hang out more often. Otherwise she might get bored, or she'll end up finding someone else when you're not hanging out.
    You don't have to see each other every day, but I think once a week is reasonable enough if the both of you like each other. Maybe several times a week too if she's eager.

    • I dont know yet if she likes me, but I do want to get to know her better.

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    • Don't be! Being straightforward is nice. Less "what ifs".

    • Yea thats true. Im leaving the country for a week on Aug 8 th anyways so if I dont end up seeing her before that... will be a while

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  • Just ask her after a couple of weeks


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  • it woudln't come off too strong. just hit her up and ask her :)


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    Let me stop that style of thought right now!! Forget all that, wait till "appropriate time" BS right now.

    am I coming on to strong by suggesting this! Doing this!! Suggesting this!!!

    Ask her to hang out next week as soon as you finish up with GAG! SERIOUS bro. Then the next hangout.. simply suggest something new and fun In a way like...

    Hey we should totally do ___________ next time we hang out. It will suggest you want to hang out again. And leaves little to no pressure for you both. But creates anticipation to hang out again for said activity.

    Text her soon for your free time of next week... You can only get a no. Or I'm busy.

    • We already know what we are going to do next time, its a matter of when :/

    • Just ask now! Don't think about. Say you were thinking of doing said activity next week are you free on " whatever day is good for you op". And done.

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