Girls, Should I wait for her or pursue her?

girl and I used to catch the train home from work. I instantly liked her. then I noticed she would - look me up and down, stare at me, copy my actions or body language. as time got on i dint pursue as I thought maybe she wouldn't want to be bothered on her travels. then i noticed she would stare and huff and puff behind me. if i got on at a later stop she seemed to be quite happy to see me and all the glancing and copying of the actions would start again. As i caught it less frequently and disappeared for months she started staring from a distant looking sad, sitting down and looking at me in cute ways making me nervous. few weeks later she practically shoved her named travel card in my face with a smile when the ticket warden came to check. so i was disappeared and re appearing every 2 months and each time she started walking past and smiling to a point were she started talking like walking past and blushing, smiling, saying hi. after checking hair, make up etc. so it was every time she saw me which made me think. 2 months later decided to go back to dig deeper. this went on for over a year. came back found out she had a new boyfriend. she seemed embarrassed. so i decided to not add her fb but comment on her picture to let her know. so the day after she hadn't blocked me or anything. she seen me buying a ticket and smiled hugely and her boyfriend caught her and followed me on to the same carriage. as he faced the other way she faced me with a huge smile, biting and licking her lips with wide pupils. (totally confused me) but then i got off early and her boyfriend got annoyed. she sent me a message saying just because i seen her on occasion doesn't mean i can approach ( for months she tried to approach me). i ignored it. she then blocked me all of which was when he was with her after seeing me the day after the comments. so I left it 3 days and sent her a message to her work linkedin account...

I said - hi just wanted to apologise if i caused an issue. i was meaning to speak with her but for one couldn't due to my work and + she made me quite shy. i said i respect her wishes although i hope in the future we may cross and possibly get to know each other see you around. i did say a lot more and gave an explanation for my absence in pursuing her sooner. so to date she hasn't blocked me on that she uploaded a new picture that her work friend took of her smiling looking at something.
which is quite strange as I knew she has her professional picture on for months so why all of a sudden change it? So obv im honourable and not going to be a home wrecker but im just confused by the whole situation is she trying to keep her new boyfriend happy? but at the same time keep me interested what is making her do these things if she wasn't interested why wouldn't she just say hey, im not interested she only blocked me as her boyfriend seen me the day after lingering around.


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  • Chasing anyone with a partner is not cool unless they're in a polyamorous relationship.
    She was intererested in you from a beginning but you didn't make a move on a whole year.
    You should respect her relationship but if they ever break up, sure, then maybe try it again :)

    • so what do you think about this smiling behind his back and blocking me for his benefit only on facebook but not on linkedin? what is making her do these things

    • Mabe that smile wasn't flirtatious and she bocked you because you commented on a picture with her boyfriend (just a bit odd). As for LinkedIn, she may just have ignored you there.

    • It wasn't with her boyfriend just a picture on her own. And the first smile I ignored. She was stood I front of me and faced me with a huge smile , wide eyes , biting her lips as she slowly turned away as I was hinting that her boyfriend is turned back around. And I I did say to her I don't expect a response. I don't think she ignored it. She only blocked me and stuff because her boyfriend seen me lingering around when he came to meet her in the city centre and I avoided him.

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