How do you get women to want to get to know you more than a friend?


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  • Avoid the friend zone.

    You can do that by not texting or calling her everyday. Not telling you to ignore her texts or be rude but texting her every single day (especially in the beginning stage is no bueno) You should also try flirting with her. Don't let her feel like your her brother or pal. Tease her. Don't be super nice to her all the time. Have a backbone. Ask her (after getting to know her a bit) if she sees herself being more than friends with you (or however u wanna phrase it) or tell her that you think she's an amazing person and you see you guys taking it to another level (again however u wanna phrase it)

    These are just a few tips. There are not guarantee to work. There are just my opinion but I'm sure some girls probably feel the same.


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  • You let her know that you're not here to be her friend, you're here because you see you two becoming more than friends. If she doesn't know, and you don't take any initiatives for your relationship to escalate higher this little crush you have will eventually diminish within the sorrow, and your time will have been wasted.

    Tell her what you want, and wait for her response. Do not do it by texts or by phone.


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  • Well there's a few things:

    Don't act like nothing but a friend.

    Be what is known as a "sexual threat"; this means simply be open to flirting, complimenting her appearance and even throw in the odd innuendo, it lets us know you can eventually see us in a sexual light.

    Actually ask her out.

    • Doesn't work. This implies one would be probably be seen as passive aggressive if he tried to warm up and drop hints.

    • @Blueeyes2016 I challenge that.

      Hinting around can be useful in the beginning to test the waters to see whether or not the attraction is mutual, but to rely solely on it isn't always going to be enough to ensure that you don't fall into the typical status of a male friend.

      Ask almost any woman and she will tell you she appreciates a man with a forward approach.

    • Good I like a good debate

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  • ask her out on a date