What's wrong with this women ?

Firstly my age is wrong im 22 . This women whom I've been catching the tram with for over a year started with us staring , her copying my actions and watch my every move. Sometimes giving mixed signals. Then I stopped catching it. I noticed how she would still remember me and continue with the flirting. Like I sat near her she held flowers to her chest and switched her glance between me and the floor. Like she was in love. So another time I sat opposite her after two months of not seeing her and she looked at everyone but me ! So again o disappeared and then she shoved her named travel card in my face. Disappeared again and this is when she started purposely walking past me smiling and saying hi and blushing. I would say hi back. It happened 3 times so I came back she had a new boyfriend. She looked like she was pretending not to be with him? And avoided eye contact with me. So I commented on her picture to surprise her and cut the crap ! . Maybe I confused her. So the day after she seen me and stood staring and smiling. Until her boyfriend caught her. He followed me on the same platform she stood away from him checked her wasn't looking and faced me and stared with wide eyes , huge smile again and biting her lips. I hinted that her bed was turning back around. He was looking at me like a mopey dog. So I got off early and she sent me a message saying she don't appreciate the comments and just because I seen her catch the tram doesn't mean I can approach? I ignored it and her gd sin me and asked if I was * I said no. She stood behind him with the huge grin again ! Then blocked me. Which is totally confusing as it seems he has given her the ultimatum and made her block me just because I caught the tram ! 3 days later I messaged her via LinkedIn time I told her my situation.

Basicly said in sorry and I was meaning to speak but she made me nervous. I explained why I disappeared due to work and I don't expect a response but I hope that we can get to know each other in the future. I said see you around so I'm really confused after so long of her trying I finally came back but she has a new boyfriend but keeps smiling !


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  • Just block her. She sounds crazy

    • Hi , sorry my internet went down I updated this question I'm confused as after months she was trying to show me she liked me but now she has a boyfriend and her reaction is constant smiling even tho her boyfriend isn't happy which means she blocked me via fb but when I sent the apology she hadn't blocked me just uploaded a new picture.

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