Girls, be honest... When it comes to online dating (like tinder or whatever) - are you picking guys based solely on appearance?

I feel like everyone on dating sites are looking for models to agree to go out with them... Both guys and girls.

  • Yes, I am lol
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  • No, I care about the bio and other stuff. *cough* bullshit *cough*
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  • Definitely is the main thing that draws my attention but if the rest of the profile sucks... I'll probably pass on them
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  • Not SOLELY.
    But yeah, I'll be honest, I was surprised about how shallow I am on those sites. I'll have OkCupid rank by "closest match" and then keep scrolling and skip all sorts of 80-100% matches because I don't find them attractive enough.

    By spending time with him and liking his personality, I can fall in love with a friend who I consider to be a 3 Physicaly.

    But if I'm looking at strangers as potential mating prospects, appearance is really important.

    • Well doesn't that make online dating pointless then?

      If you are aware that personality is important yet you are judging guys online purely by appearance it's kind of counter productive... But hey I do the same thing but that's because most girls online in my experience don't care about what we have in common (lol go figure right?) so choosing women based on our similarities personality-wise feels pointless...

      So I resort to - do I find her cute/sexy/attractive/etc and go from there.

      ... so your opinion sort of solidifies my feelings about this subject.

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  • This is sad. So the guy might be uncaring, but they'd bang. Guy who cares, gets friend zoned? Wtf?

    • Don't get angry about it, see it for what it is and adapt to your situation... Online dating is a terrible path to go for guys who don't look like male models.

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    • Guy 1. Again, it's not a stereotype thing. More a carey grant guy. Would appreciate your thoughts over there if u can.

    • I already told what to do, but I'll leave a message on your post.

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  • Most people do

  • obviously its all looks, its a bang app