Guys, How to make myself more attractive to men?

I've been single for a number of years and I'm ready to start thinking about dating. I'm 5ft tall and I find most men I like, find taller women attractive. Or at least that's how I feel. I'm terrified to go on dates because of my last relationship. This recent findings has knock my confidence a little more. How can I make myself more attractive?


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  • Just what type of man do you think would suit and fancy your needs?

    • No perverts for a start...

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    • Ok thanks. I want children. Most guys older have passed the stage of wanting kids.

    • Good one... That is true , but not always the case. Me included. I'm doing just that with a younger women and I'm 55. , so there's hope believe me on this one. I've known of other men to also be interested in the same circumstanance. I'm not sure where you live , that might be alittle different but I really think it's the same all over. Wanting children is a good way to start. Life can start over if you make it happen... again be confident , or fake it till you make it... just be genuine with him.

  • a girl has to be naturally beautiful first, also approaching and being forward about what you want with a guy you like, being sweet, committed, compassionate and affectionate is also attractive, and when things go well and he's into you, being openly sexual and wanting sex is also a big time turn on major attraction. just as long as its not too early or too late, because it depends on the guys personality type and what he desires in a girl.


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