How can I be better at getting phone numbers from girls I see throughout the day?

I don't have much of a social life, but their has to be ways I can get numbers from girls I see throughout the day. Like when I go to grab a bite to eat, usually the cashier ringing me up is female. Or a girl I see walking out of the grocery store. etc. I just don't know how to smoothly talk to them in a way that would lead me to being able to see them again at some point.



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  • Always have a good, interesting conversation first before asking for contact info. You have to give her a reason to want to give you her # & potentially see you again. Offer to pay a lady's cup of coffee, look at a lady's grocery basket at the store & infer what kind of diet she has & talk about that... whatever the case may be


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  • I wouldn't ask the cashier at lunch for her # unless you actually know her and talked to her there before. she's just being nice and doing her job , she doesn't even know you.
    but I do agree there is potential during the day to meet single women and get #'s as you say , you just have to go after the right ones , one tip might be to focus on the places women go to for lunch and are popular with single women , I'd go there and try and meet women who appeared interested and single but wouldn't focus much on staff unless one genuinely appeared into you. here I find subway and pita places seem to have a lot of female customers , attractive women have mostly given up on fast food burger places ( although mcdonalds still popular ) or kfc / fried chicken places as well , I like to go to burger king or kfc the odd time and rarely see a girl there I'd find attractive. at subway or pita place almost always see a girl in line I found sexually appealing

    • So do you wait for her to sit down and then walk over and ask to join her or something? I don't know if hitting on her while in line is appropriate and probably too embarrassing for her

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    • It's pretty hard to tell how old a girl is and I guess since I'm getting older now, I'm more worried about looking like a weirdo hitting on a 16 year old. Sometimes a girl who's 18 doesn't always look a whole lot different than a girl who's 27.

    • when looking at random girls at fast food places it be very tough to determine ages i agree , especially if the girl is short , a short 20's something could look like an 18 year old. where is a mature 17 year old could look like she's 19 . you can usually tell here by the time of day , high school has a short window for lunch break so if girl is there at that time its likely she's in high school , if she's there at another time she must have a job or something

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