Did I ruin my chances?

Met a guy at a party and we hit it off instantly. He got my number and we continued to flirt all night. People thought we were a couple... When people were leaving to go to a bar he asked me to come back to his place. I told him I wanted to go out and maybe we could meet up later. I ended up meeting up with him and staying the night with him. We did not have sex, but he tried. I told him it just wasn't the right time for me and he was totally cool. The next day he dropped me off at my place and said " it was great meeting you last night. I had a lot of fun with you. I have your number so I'll text you." A couple days went by and he ended up adding me on snapchat. He then sent me a selfie of him smoking, but I didn't send a response. I don't feel I need to reply to every snapchat, but maybe that could be my issue (who knows?). The next day I decided to send him a random snap and he didn't respond. The following day he sent me a snap and I responded and we chatted for a little. He then added me on Instagram. At this point, it had been 5 days without a first text from him. As I began to approach the weekend, I sent him a snap of me at work. I had to work all weekend, but he was asking me about my availability. I still ended up going B out all weekend and I posted things on my story that he looked at quickly. I then decided to just text him Saturday night, because I wasn't sure if I gave him a vibe I wasn't interested. I didn't ask him about what he was going to be doing in our snap conversations and I was pretty short with my responses. I texted him "doing anything tonight?" and I never got a response. I sent him a snap of a blunt on Sunday (pretty generic, didn't need a response from him), but he didn't respond. It has now been almost 6 days of no contact via snapchat or text from him. Did I mess up? Should I text him again? Or wait until the weekend to see what he does? I hate technology/social media. he just moved to the city 3 weeks ago and started a new job.

A guy's opinion would be great


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  • Wait. Goodness gracious don't pester the man. He just moved here and has a new job. So you must understand that he will need some time to get accustomed to his new environment. But view his snaps quickly too. Just so he knows you are watching.

    • Didn't think I was pestering him, but thank you for your input.

  • I would just wait it out. He's probably busy.