How to stop panicking when I see her at work?

I fell in love with a coworker... got rejected... My heart broken...

I am over her, but the problem now...

If she is not at work, or I am at home... I am fine, happy, not thinking about her...

But when we are at work at the same time, I am really tense, overthink about her, try to avoid her, stressed out... It sucks to be in the same room as her... sometimes even alone... we don't talk anymore though...

Is there a way to avoid this? How can I be happy around her?


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  • You just have to forget about it and move on or just change jobs if possible if this is really bothering you.

    • I have moved on when she is not around... but when I see her I get messed up...

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  • You're going with love here? How long have you even know her and how much do you even talk at work?

    • We met when I started, started talking for about 1.5 Years, got really close... I asked her out, she said no... turns out she was just using me for attention because she wasn't getting enough from her boyfriend...

      She wanted to stay friends, I agreed... but never really talked to her after that... We just sometimes say Hi to each other... but thats it.

    • She used you and you barely talk now, so the best thing you can do is move on by actually living your life and meeting new people from wherever

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  • stop being a little bitch and having a bad case of oneitis