I dont get her?

I got her number awhile ago through online dating (few months now). She never initiates the texting (since day 1, even though she said I was "pretty hot"). No matter how long I wait, she doesn't. Everytime I text her she's responsive. Keeps the convo going most of the time, teases abit. And I get a few voice messages when I ask, although she can be difficult with that too at times. Is she interested at all or should I just ask her to meet coz for some reason, it's getting frustrating at this time. I dont even know why, I dont even know her personally?


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  • I think it's best if you just ask her to meet because with how modern technologies are, it's so much harder to interpret things. At least once you meet her, you can grasp from her body language whether she is feeling you or not.

    I'm sorta the same way with guys despite liking him a lot or not- I can't ever initiate the first convo when we're dating. Mainly because it has to do with wanting the guy to put an effort while he is courting or pursuing me. But when I am in a relationship with him, I'd initiate and also put an effort.

  • She sounds like a player. Is she talking with anyone else? Maybe that's why you're not getting the first text from her. Either she's into you and playing a lot of games, or she's just not that interested

    • I dont even know if she is, I've never met her. I dont think Im ever gunna do online dating again, it's so weird. Is she that shy or what? She's 3 years older then me if that helps (i'm 25)

    • Really? Maybe try to ask her out to see what she says

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  • well you should definitely ask her to meet up after a few months

    perhaps she isn't sure how you feel since you haven't asked her out
    perhaps she's not an initiator

    you could certainly try and find a way to ask her about it. but you should definitely see if she wants to go out sometime. getting to know her may be a big step in helping improve communication