Send Facebook message or not?

A month ago, I met this guy that I cannot stop thinking about. We met through mutual friends (my best friend is married to his friend) and I felt an immediate connection to him. He lives in another state and is about to deploy for 9 months oversees. My friend said he kept mentioning me after I left.

I told my friend I was interested in him and she replied, "He would move here for you." I'm sure my face showed my confusion and shock. She immediately started backpedaling saying she would feel it out for me. The next weekend while we out for drinks she talked me into sending him a friend request. He accepted three days later.

Our mutual friend keeps being wishy washy about whether he is interested. She will say one thing like he is then say something about him not wanting a relationship while deployed, which I get. She'll say something about the he and I in the future then suggest that I go on a date with a friend who lives in the same city as us.

Would it be weird for me to send him a Facebook message? I want to open communication, but am afraid he will think it is weird if he isn't interested.

Do you think he would message me if he was interested?


What Guys Said 1

  • Just do it, you sound like you've got little to lose.


What Girls Said 1

  • How does your friend know so many things about him?

    • Like I said, she is married to his friend.

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