Is it bad to never take risks in relationships simply because I don't need to?

I've never had to step up to guys or girls and ask them out because they always ask me out first. I've never been dumped, I always did the dumping. I let most guys do the hard work because I don't really 'need' them, so Im not willing to try hard for them. If they can prove they're worth my time I'll consider, but if not, I have no reason to persue them because Im just fine without. 2 more in his place if he loses interest.

Does this make me a bad person?


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  • ull have no quality in relationships or life with such a self inflated ego as that

    • I take that as a "yes" on my question :p
      Of course I put effort in my relationships, just not in the scary/risky parts and I feel a bit bad about that

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