Why would you mention your ex to another ex? so confused, help plz?

so my ex-boyfrd said he 'missed' me and said he wants to vid chat. so we did, and as we were talking he said over the summer holidays he hung out with 2 people, i asked who and he said his first girlfriend and his ex-crush and also told me that he love hanging out with his ex girlfriend, i don't see the point why he needed to tell me that. ik he really likes her (first love) but why rub in my face, last month he purposely ask me to help them take pics ( one week after us breaking up)
then now he says he 'misses' me?
confused af
like wt is even his point.


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  • It sounds like he wants to make you jealous, but at the same doesn't know what he wants
    I don't know the circumstances of your break up but it sort of seems like he thought he could get back with the first girlfriend, but that didn't work out so now he wants to get back with you
    Just a thought

    • his first girlfriend dumped him and she has another boyfrd...