Can I write this on his facebook wall?

K so I met a guy long distance online we met in person dated a month or so he ended it due to personal problems and stuff. We started talking again he said he made a big mistake letting me go. He then came to visit me said he would work on the thing he slacked in... putting initiative in to talk to me, be more open ext. But since then he's not at all and has hardly texted with me. Anyways one of our last messaged a few days ago he said he would miss me... him and I are both going on holidays tomorrow for 2 weeks and wouldn't have contact during this time anyways.

So I was thinking of on facebook writing on his wall " Hope you have a great trip, gonna miss you!"

it either makes me look crazy or is cute and shows I care... ? Also I thought of putting it on their instead of texting it to make sure he got it. Because with text you never know. But then again it's public... but that's okay right?

Even though he said he wants to see me when he gets back I have see no effort on his part to speak with me the past few days... but then again we are both very busy getting ready for our vacations. *****What so you think?


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  • I would say message him privately. If you really want the relationship to work, you don't need to involve everyone else on Facebook. In Facebook messenger you will see if he read the message or not.


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  • That's kinda creepy as if you need the other people to see it for validation when they probably haven't met you and it's not been long enough.

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