Things going good with guy but he's still on Tinder?

We've been talking for almost 1 month.
We've been on 3 dates.
He said he likes me because I'm silly like him and my face/smile. He holds my hand, squeezes my thighs, kisses forehead and hands, and bites my thighs? We kissed a lot as well.
I told him I'm a virgin and if that is okay with him?
He said he's okay with it.
We talk on the phone everyday. We text and snap each other. He puts me on his snapchat. He introduced me to his friends as well. I jokingly asked him if he was going to deflower me, he said he was thinking more like a kiss but if I want to be deflowered he's more than happy to. He said he's sees us as something. I did ask him when we first met what he wanted-- he said to find something long term and a keeper. He texts me he misses me sometimes as well.
Anyways, he's still on wonderful Tinder.
I go on there just out of habit, I have no intentions of talking to anyone else because I'm interested in him.
What should I do? Should I still go with the flow? Let it not bother me he's still on the app?

  • I would ask about being exclusive soon
  • I wouldn't worry about it
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  • If he's honest with you, I think you should trust him. And don't ask him to delete the account until you two have developed an unbreakable relationship. Don't worry too much. Everything's gonna be okay :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • He's still obv searching. Or he's waiting to see what's gonna happen. Having the talk at this point is too early.

    • Ugh. That is crazy. If he's still searching then why go through so much effort with me?
      How should I approach this kind of situation? I feel like it's hard to find someone wanting a committed relationship. We totally click. We talk on the phone all day and all night. Should I just continue to go with the flow until he tells me he's not feeling it anymore or he found someone else?

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    • I wouldn't worry about it. He may have forgotten about the site. But if you're pretty tight with him. You can ask him about it. Like say should we take down our timber accounts. Etc. Always tread careful. But trust is big. Give him a little. Let him earn the rest in time.

    • Ok so I should just let him continue using it if he might be using it? Try to trust him with whatever decision he makes?

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  • He wants booty on the side. What's wrong with that?

    • Can you answer seriously please?
      What would you do?

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    • I am serious.

    • wow...

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  • Might be on the same reason you are

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