Guys, when dating online, would you rather a girl directly told you she was not interested/not attracted OR that she ghost you (ignore your message)?

And by directly told you, I mean in a polite manner

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  • Directly telling is the best no need to waste


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  • If you're talking about guys who just contacted you (and you have not written to before) then some prefer you tell them and some don't. I've been doing online dating on and of for years and some guys really want you to respond even if you're not interested. They will message you again if you ignore them, asking why and saying you could at least reply saying you're not interested. Then if you actually do reply to everyone to reject them then some of them will become aggressive, try to convince you to give them a chance or ask you why you even responded at all then because it's "mean" to reply just to reject them when you could just ignore it... So you'll go wrong no matter what you do, so I just ignore it. It's easier than getting tons of guys trying to nag me in to give them a chance or call you a ugly bitch that he wasn't even interested in anyway ;)

    If it's someone you already talked to or even met on a date then of course you should tell them and not just ghost!


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  • Direct rejection is much better.

  • I would rather be told directly


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