Do I have the right idea for a first date?

Never seems like "Dating" category questions get answered that much. I'm asking my crush out on Sunday. If she accepts my offer, I was going to take her on a little walk/hike. It's just a flat trail, quiet but it's not secluded too much. At the other end is an ice cream place I was going to be like, "Oh hey an ice cream place!" haha something goofy, get ice cream with her, and then head on back. It'll take about two hours.

Also, we see each other weekly and talk very briefly..I'm not a complete stranger and she knows I'm a decent guy..if that would change anything..


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  • A walk is pretty initimate, not romantic... it just really gets you to open up. For a first date like that, make sure the both of you aren't the shy type.. otherwise there may be a few awkward silences


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  • I think its a good idea as long as you know you both have enough in common for there to not be any awkward silences.

    personally it sounds really cool and I would love to go on a date like that as long as it was with a guy I liked.

    So you know, it depends on the girl.

  • I don't know, that seems a bit too "intense" for a first date. First dates should be kept light and quick, like mini golf. It's more active, more fun. A walk seems really private and romantic. I don't know, this might be just me, but it seems too much too soon.

    • I guess I can sort of agree. But I hate cliche dates. I don't know, it just seems like walking and talking about stuff is better than mini golf. I mean, yeah mini golf is fun but at the same time I'd rather get us to talk to each other more. I see her weekly but don't talk to her much because I'm nervous, but I got her number already. I thinks she knows we both want something more but don't know how to approach it.

    • Like tiannamundy pointed out, make sure you both aren't shy, but if you're both not talking, they'll be a lot of awkward silences during the walk. whereas if you're playing a game or something you can always talk about the game to fill up the silences

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