Dating this guy and I don't know what to do?

So I have been on 5 dates with this guy who is in the navy. I feel like things have been going well but after our last date 2 days ago I haven't heard anything from him. I also saw he deleted the dating profile we met on and I can't find him on Facebook either which is odd to me. Does anyone have any advice for me on what I should do now? Should I let him go or keep trying to contact him


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  • hi, if after a few dates with a guy you didn't want to continue and were a bit useless at communication and imagine using the above techniques. would you think the guy would get the message your sending and hope he wouldn't stalk after you? on the flip positive possibility he feels something for you, has freaked out a bit and if he sees sense and really wants you he will come searching back for you, xx

    • Thank you that really helps. It's just hard when you think it's going great and then all of a sudden bam nothing. :/

    • oh hunny I've had recent experience lol ffs even at my age i can tell all those things but it still happens lol xx