I kissed a friend of a friend and I can't stop thinking about it?

A week ago I went out to have some drinks with friends and I was introducced to a new guy. Later, we both ended up dancing and he kissed me several times. And I don't know why but I can't stop thinking about the kiss and the feel of his beard. The sad part is that he lives in a different city and he is already gone. What can I do?


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  • Unfortunately since he's now out of reach, you have to get him out of your head. Go out with friends, go on a hiking adventure, etc


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  • You can either:
    1. Contact him and tell him that you cannot stop thinking about the kiss.
    2. Do nothing at all.


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  • STEP 1 Find someone with a beard
    STEP 2 pay them to kiss you
    STEP 3 See if it was as good as you remember
    STEP 4a Be sad because it was as good as you remember and now you will never get it again
    STEP 4b Be happy because it was not as good as you remember so you don't have to think about it

  • Go see him, get it out of your system

    • ticket is expensive... and there is this thing that I found out (recently) that he was taking a break with his girlfriend...

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    • we haven't talked since the day we kissed

    • Maybe you should start there

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