Like this guy and blew him off out of fear-still have hope?

Canceled a second date out of fear and dude said he would still like to connect. I know he likes me-as do I. I finally got the nerve and called him yesterday (left a message). Asked him out and apologized for not connecting this past weekend. Have not heard back. Should I lose hope?


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  • Id give it a week maybe and by then it should be pretty clear. It's not like he saw your text but just so happened to forget to respond back. He will either not respond cause you lost his interest or he will text you back but just needs time to think about what to do. What if you were him-you would need some time to think through what's going on and to ultimately decide what to do. You wouldn't just respond right back in a heart beat if you know what I mean. It's very unlikely that something happened or is happening that is stopping him from getting your text like an accident or something serious. just stay calm and don't overthink a lot it. No need to make this into a huge deal or get angry or anything. Best of luck my friend 😎

    • Thank you. Yes, you are SO right. If it were me, I too would wait a few days. Just need to relax.

    • Yup you got it. Nice to know I could help.

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  • I'm a chick and I'm 90% confident this is happening to me but I'm on the receiving end. If he likes you enough and you caught his eye, he will come around. He's probably just making you sweat it a little. But really, next time don't cancel... Feel the fear and do it anyways


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  • There's always hope, but if he's chatting to other girls, they are now higher priority unless he really likes you because sorry to say this, you have shown him a negative aspect (that you're unreliable or not confident to meet him). If he doesn't come back, take it as a learning experience for next time.

  • You should lose all hope for a new hope and start another hope for hoping.

    • Or she could remain hopeful that a new hope will arise and replace the once failed false hope

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