Aren't you tired of the questions from teenage girls dating men twice their age?

And then asking us if it's OK? They know it's not OK, or they wouldn't be asking.

Of course the other teenage gold diggers all post about how age doesn't matter, and all the sensible people tell her it's wrong.

So repetitive!


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  • Yes, they obviously only want to hear from people that agree with them; they aren't looking for advice really, which is the purpose of the site, no?

    But there's no way to stop them...


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  • This post didn't seem to be much a question at all. Seems more like your jealous or something. But in my own opinion, it's the guys fault. If anything seriously negative happens within the relationship. It's not her that they'd look at and point fingers, it would actually be towards the guy.

    So there, another win for the girls.

    • Yes, of course, when it turns out we are right to tell them they're wrong, they'll blame the guys and not themselves.

      That's the point!

    • Well, you're right, I'm just tired of these questions!

      And of course you're right about blaming the GUY for this, they'd NEVER say it was THEIR fault. Nothing ever is!

  • Well here's my question, how do younger girls even manage to attract older men? Yesterday at the park my eyes kind of caught these two girls. My friend turns around and says to me; "Eww! that's jail-bait." It didn't pop into my mind that they were even that young; they looked pretty mature and innocent. Well if maturity is the source of such affection; and I have been told women mature faster then men; then perhaps their are two kinds of maturity levels that attract significant age differences.

    A twenty year old male, who had the maturity level of an nineteen year old. Would more than likely find some attraction in a eighteen to nineteen year old female. She may however see it as an opportunity to draw some credit; but not true for all cases.

    Then, a nineteen year old female, with the maturity level of a twenty-one year old. May attract men between twenty and twenty-two. These are just random numbers I am drawing out the back of my brain by the way. I'm just trying to see if this makes any sense.

    In my own case, I've unreasonably attracted twenty-plus year old females who have told me "You seem pretty mature for your age." I'm not quiet sure, if AGE matters, or if it's significantly a persons level of confidence/maturity/experiences. But I believe what you were trying to get at is that, the age gap seems pretty much out of reach. What does a nineteen year old have to offer a twenty-one to twenty-six year old male. Sex? I mean, she more than likely doesn't have a job. So what does she expect in return, dinner? That seems like walking on the moon.

  • Almost as repetitive as the rant posts that serve no real purpose. My panties don't get so easily in a twist though. If I don't like it I move on.

    • OK, I admit it, it's a rant. But gee aren't you tired of having to click past all these questions time after time?

    • =P We all have to rant sometimes. Nah, I'm scrolling through the questions, if I don't like the heading I don't click lol. But sometimes the heading is misleading, and you come upon something like this. Then the redhead anger surfaces a bit ;)

    • 'this' as in what you're talking about, not 'this' as in your post=P

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  • I think they just want to ease their conscience by getting approval. I feel a little bad for them to be honest, because while they obviously feel guilty about it (otherwise they wouldn't ask), it's apparently not enough to make them date a guy their age. And they're never to have successful love lives as a result.

  • I believe that <1% of those questions are real. Most are made up by very bored attention seeking girls

    • Another reason to encourage people to drop this line of 'questions.'

    • It's a conspiracy. All the anonymous questions are really the same person.

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