Sleeping over for the first time but not ready for sex - is this wrong?

Is it wrong for me to stay over the guy I'm dating's house, sleep in his bed with him but not have sex? I don't want to rush things with him too much, and I don't feel comfortable enough yet to sleep with him but I would love to spend the night with him. By the way, I'm not a virgin or a prude, I came out of a long term relationship 9 months back and I've been seeing this new guy for the past month. He's never been too forward, and things have progressed organically to the point we're making out passionately. Also, another reason I don't want to sleep with him is because I'm changing my method of contraception in the next to weeks and I don't want to risk anything.

TLDR - How do I tell the guy I'm seeing I'm not ready to sleep with him, despite sleeping over at his tomorrow for the first time?


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  • Just tell him up front, and make it clear that you like him, but you do not want to have sex. Tell him what you will do, like maybe kissing, and cuddling, watching movies!
    You will get him excited, and he is going to want more, but if you make him wait, and treat you like a proper lady, it will be so much better, later!!
    I've had GFs tease me, and make me wait, just kissing, cuddling, touching her, smelling her, an just wanting everything, but she made me wait!! Hated it then, but later, I understood, and it WAS better, because I knew more about her, and what she liked, and when we first made love, it was so much better than others, because I knew what she wanted, and what she liked, because we had talked, and she made me wait, (And I Googled a bunch of things!!).


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  • I don't consider that wrong. Anyway, just tell him upfront that you do not feel ready to sleep with him yet.

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