I am worried my boyfriend won't like the gift I got him for his birthday?

Okay, so I'm 14 and my boyfriends birthday is coming up in a few days and I am scared he won't like his present. Being 14 I don't have much money, so I got him a nice salt life t shirt. And he loves fishing so I thought that would be nice. But I am afraid he won't like it. and I don't get to see him much out of school so I have to give it to him at school. and this might seem stupid but I don't know when to give it to him at school cause I don't want him to open it infront of me cause I don't wanna here what he says. what do I do?


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  • Stop worrying yourself out. He loves you and will love anything you give him because you've put some thought and effort into giving him a birthday present on his special day. As for not wanting to be there when he opens his present, just give it to him when you see him and tell him to open it when he gets home. Prolly add a kiss before y'all part ways.


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  • Focus on school

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