Does this OKC girl have the longest checklist on the planet or what?

I think I just found the woman with the highest possible standards on online dating...

🔺if any of my description matches you or if you're just interested 😊
🔺Do NOT message me if you're a sex fiend and that's the only reason why you're on here.
🔺At least 5 '10 or taller would be nice :}
🔺has a positive attitude
🔺Loves music
🔺if you can read and speak proper English and I don't feel like I need an urban dictionary when I'm around you. Trust me, I'm down yo but sometimes I just can't😂✋🏻
🔺has a job or career
🔺does NOT own an Ed Hardy t-shirt
🔺I like beards haha
🔺Tattoos are a plus
🔺if you can make me laugh
🔺funny, sweet, kind, caring, loving, generous, easy going, honest, loyal
🔺you're easy to talk to
🔺doesnt smoke cigarettes
🔺not a snob
🔺no ex girlfriends you still keep in contact with
🔺not rude/condescending
🔺not immature
🔺not arrogant
🔺not uptight
🔺not a douche bag
🔺I love a guy that can cook
🔺 I need a man not a boy
🔺 please do not ask me "so tell me about yourself." be more specific please
🔺wants to be friends
🔺if you think you would enjoy my company or vice versa
🔺please don't message me if you know you have a bad attitude and a shit personality
🔺message me if you find me odd and you like that
🔺And FYI I'm not demanding, I just know myself really well haha
✅Hint: I never message guys first haha

  • Nah, that's normal brah - gurlz are entitled to their standards
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  • OMG that's crazy
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yeah, it's a lot. But it's her loss. Plus, that type of checklist isn't actually going to help her find someone who she will be a good match with. Anyone who is going to see that list and think they meet every requirement has to be so arrogant that they don't actually meet the "not arrogant" requirement even if they think they do. Nobody is self aware enough to know whether or not they meet all those check marks.

    That's why you have to actually get to know people- trying to skip ahead is futile.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It would be interesting if they put as much effort into listing the qualities that THEY bring to the table.

    Like Im fine with people having whatever standards they want but when you make a list of expectations and put it on your profile you just seem like a cunt.

    "Hint: I never message guys first haha"


    • Hint, they typically only offer vague descriptions of themselves and what they bring, like:

      I am outgoing
      I love the ocean
      I'm a NICE person

      Any guy doing this gets bitched on and no one returns his messages. Sometimes they even turn it around into something they want like:

      I love running, and need a man who can beat me in a footrace.

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What Girls Said 9

  • Be grateful. People like that are basically waving their red flags at you ahead of time instead of making you date them to find out they're awful people.

    • Haha true.😊

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    • I meant online but ok

    • Well, I have no experience looking on women's online profiles lol so I'll take your word for it.

  • Girl knows what she wants. Not wasting anyone's time.

    • ikr?

      ... plus, not only is she NOT particularly demanding, but she even has a couple things in there that will actually *help* guys who contact her.
      (like "do not ask me "so tell me about yourself." be more specific please" and "message me if you find me odd and you like that" -- both of these will help guys with openers, if they're actually paying attention)

      Smh at anyone who's just like "wow, lots of bullet points so must be a bitch"

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    • @redeyemindtricks

      How do we delete you from the internet? You always type essays and I know no one reads them

    • @Joesyyyywhales Thanks

  • Seems like she's run into a lot of sex crazed weirdos on dating sites (which is normal) and she's weeding out the trash. Combine her list and she's asking for a sane, mature, and normal guy that's not going to rush her into anything. Sounds like she knows what she wants to me.

  • a little excessive. a decent portion of them are reasonable but there are plenty that are very unnecessary.

  • These aren't high standards lol, they're pretty basic ones (although I don't like tattoos). Most of these fall under the list of Standard Interesting Guy Must-Haves, Level Basic.

  • She named character flaws she doesn't like.
    how tf is that demanding. If you think this is long reevaluate what you want in life. Not like she said he had to be a GQ model that cancels out 99 percent of men.

  • A checklist about this girl:

    -Demonstrates self-awareness
    -Knows what she wants
    -Isn't here to have her time wasted or to waste your s

    ALL good qualities so far... plus, her requirements are basic as hell tbh.

    I admire her.

  • Women are crazy, but that's what also makes us unique creatures

  • Nah. I have a longer list.


What Guys Said 18

  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh depends on how you lay it out. Its good that she knows what she want but the way she lays it out is really meh. Getting the high maintenance brat vibe from it. Its also not very specific. There are no short or long term goals. My girlfriend wrote out what she wanted in three large well thought out paragraphs. It was a long read but as I read on I only grew more interested.

  • Lol thats not high at all. To break it down she wants an interesting guy of average height, who has a job and can cook...

    I mean, not like she's asking for 6'4 and 7 figure salary or 1m+ insta followers.

    • Actually the more i read between the lines the more i think its a touch below average for a dating site? I keep hearing stories of women on there expecting heaven and earth and this seems more like a nornal girl you'd meet out and about

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    • @redeyemindtricks Yeah she's certainly beating around the bush.

      The smart side of me would like to think the girl did it on purpose to make sure potential guys would fulfill her "English requirements" i. e able to read past the fluff... but perhaps its MY standards that are too high regarding that lmao.

    • Hahaha @ English requirements and I agree with @redeyemindtricks that nothing on there is a high standard

  • Honestly, I used to do online dating, I have seen longer. She didn't even go into things like height or dick length lol. To answer your question it is crazy, but it is also quite frequent.

    • yeah, I mean I came across girls that I knew or suspected were like this before, but never quite came across a list of such specific criteria like this before, lol.

    • They can get real specific, like over 6'2" age range (between 2-5 years older than her only) income level (50k+), dick length, political ideals, not to mention you must have a profile that impresses her. Any guy with 1/5 a list this size wouldn't get any responses, even for a hookup.

  • Dear bro Rake... Who does she think she is.. Miss Universe?😝

    Stay away from this girl

  • Yeah I think a lot of people that date have checklists like her, although her's is exceptionally specific. She probably won't find a guy like that though and will settle.

  • She scared me off after first few (her loss joking) - If I was her friend I would tell her to tone it down for her own sake

  • What's she bring to the table? Is she vaguely pretty? :P

    Her standards aren't that high. It's just a really crap, boring profile.

    Says a lot about the male-female dynamic, too.

    • Yeah she's hot, mixed race. I just read the long list and roll my eyes. I mean, everyone is entitled to their standards but you're effectively writing a lot of people that you would probably be attracted to anyway - e. g. just because somebody smokes or doesn't always speak with queen's English.

    • Personally, I'd move along. Doesn't seem to be anything interesting happening inside her head.

    • tbh, sometimes I will even spend time and think of a really good message just to rise to the challenge and see if I can get a response. today I just didn't feel like it lol.

  • Seems normal to me instead of paragraphs she turned it into bullet points, precise to the point. Most of guys will have the same criteria. Things she's interested in, things she likes, things she doesn't like, deal breakers, turn ons etc, just normal stuff.

    Honestly not excessive for me at least that way its clear if you are compatible or not. I match almost most on her list. Don't have tattoos or planning on keeping a beard. Rest is just common sense stuff.

    She says, "please do not ask me "so tell me about yourself." be more specific please". So there is our chance to see what she has to offer and if she can also offer most of above. As long as she can also offer the same I see no issue rather I would prefer it that way. At leasts he's clear and upfront in what she wants.

  • Yeah what a crazy slut

  • This is why people struggle to find partners. They have a checklist that's way too tight

    • Honestly what on that list is too high?

    • @lanternhill if you miss out on one thing, you're not qualified. You will never find the perfect person. By all means have a very strict list but if you can't find anyone tough luck.

  • "does NOT own an Ed Hardy t-shirt" thats so strange.

    • tbh I had to go and google the name

    • you know these are not really preferences but they are things she thinks would be good because she would have something in common with the guy.

  • oooo i think i might message her ;)

  • There's a reason she's on a dating site lol. All of those women are like fkking hazards just stay away


  • "✅Hint: I never message guys first haha"

    Lol @ her. Just lol.

  • she could admittedly turn her 30 bullet-points into 7 and still ask for the same stuff; but this looks pretty normal to me...

  • OK... so she didn't like you, or you don't fit her criteria? hmm... nice butthurt.

  • I know I'm missing 4 of thous
    The big one being job :( had a factory temp one trying to get one as a developer/analyst.
    Tattoos like that's a positive?
    cooking I can cook if you like scrambled eggs or my trile and error approach to pancakes and gingerbread ie chocolate orange and cinnamon ginger bread and protine pancakes.

  • And that is why girls will be single, what do i care, women today are impossible. Guys get a career, earn money, have casual sex and enjoy life, there is no point to being committed to a women. Women will take and destroy your life

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