If you are not very experienced would you date someone who is?

I have noticed that some have the opinion of you winning the person over their past lovers. others say that they have finished playing around and want someone to settle with who hasn't played the field. how do you feel and what number for each gender would you say puts them in category of experienced. what about someone who sleeps around vs someone who is a serial dater.

personally I would prefer someone who is nearer to my personal dating history meaning: inexperienced. this is just preference and when you meet someone it might go out the window. but I was wondering what your opinions are.


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  • I settled down after quite a number of women. I think maybe around 40 to 50, I lost exact count, and only a fraction of those really stood out (some were even girls I only dated for weeks). Not sure if that qualifies me as "experienced" or not.

    But I didn't settle down because I wanted to settle down. I just ended up falling deeply in love when I met the one who would be with my wife.

    I actually wanted to find love but cycled through women thinking it was impossible. I only "liked" them.

    As for me, I never cared about sexual history. If I like a woman, I like a woman. Doesn't matter if she's a virgin or has had a hundred partners. I was never insecure about the number of lovers. Virgins or close actually make me a little more uncomfortable than ones who have had a healthy (but not ridiculously excessive) number of partners since I'm sometimes worried that I'm going to end up corrupting them. Often with virgins I feel like I'm not the right guy to take that away from her since I have such a hard time falling in love.

    • I just ended up falling deeply in love when I met the one who would (be with) [/become] my wife.

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    • I have noticed on here that the advice for some inexperienced people on here is to practice with people who would necessarily be interested in. some have said its good character and confidence building. but on the other hand you end up leading someone on. why is it easier when you don't like them than when you do?

    • Generally I wouldn't suggest that if you don't like a person and want to lead them on. That's quite a nasty way to look at it.

      Sometimes for really inexperienced guys (i. e. virgins), I find they have such a narrow range of qualities they're looking for when it comes to some ideal partner, and they also tend to crush really hard. In those cases, what they're looking for is derived from a fantasy of what they think they might want so I tend to suggest they try to broaden their horizons and don't only date a girl who has some ideal resume.

      I suggest that because they might end up realizing that their ideal partner isn't what they put down on paper. Each person we date usually tends to expand and better define what type of partner we truly want. The goal shouldn't be to lead anyone on in those cases, it should be to give those who don't fit some dream requirement a chance. That "special someone" usually isn't who we expect in advance.

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  • I personally wouldn't feel comfortable as you know, if you have asked, what they may have done in the past. I am linking this boy who has done a lot more than me because I am kinda inexperienced with boys.

    If I knew what the guy has done then it is a turn off for me as he has maybe done it with many girls which I find disturbing

    • I am glad I am not the only one who feels as I do. I know many say opposites attract but it isn't something I could move past. maybe I am strong to rule over my emotions or maybe I am week for not being able to look past it.

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  • Just answering the title yes i would

  • I'm very inexperienced and I would happily date someone who is experienced.

    • say they have had a number of relationships would you want one with them knowing that it never last or would you be wanting a causal set up?

    • I don't see what inexperience or experience has on the longevity of relationships. Nothing lasts forever, everything is finite and who is to say being in a relationship with someone with experience will equate to a shorter relationship than if the relationship was with a woman of equal experience to me? As for a casual set up, well that just doesn't interest me.

  • it all depends what kind of people they are


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  • Dont judge the past unless he's a sex offender or has an std

    • say the guy has been with half the town and has a poor reputation because of it would you be happy to be with him. a player with many female friends who he has slept with.

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    • i believe everyone is equal but you have probably seen a girl who looks down on you in your life. i think that someone isn't better than someone else but might be better suited to a certain person.

    • Yeah I've bad that before. Its funny im normally the person looking up to people admiring certain traits though i act more confident than i probably am.