Should I try and have a relationship with this guy who's 350 miles away?

So I started talking to this guy through social media and through a mutual friend who met him on a tropical vacation a few summers ago. We started talking and have just been talking a few times a day. We haven't really gotten into any deep conversations yet except when he admitted to making out with this girl while he was drunk at a party. He lives so far away and I can't drive. He is 17 and I'm only 15 so he can drive but I don't know if he even likes me like that. I'm scared to admit that I like him because i don't want to ruin any kind of even friendship between us. He told me that he was talking to this girl low-key but I didn't know if he was subtly talking about me or some other girl? I also feel like I'm not good enough for him, he's older and pretty attractive so he can get lots of girls probably and I'm not even that pretty. We've flirted a little cause he called pretty and beautiful because we have snap chatted but both times it was late and he was intoxicated. I'm scared if we keep talking I'm gonna fall really hard for him and I don't know if it could ever work out between us. What should I do?


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  • Just keep your friendship for now. It sounds like it would be a lot stronger than a relationship at the moment. I think he has some things he needs to figure out still, and some more maturing to do. But do the best you can to be there for him, and he sounds like a really nice guy! I bet you guys will be great friends! Let him know that you only want friendship for now, even if he tries to make a move, i dont think he is ready for a long term relationship yet.


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  • No.

    You're too young
    He's too old
    He's already into alcohol
    He's already making you feel bad about yourself
    This is clearly A Bad Idea

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