Where are the best 🏙 places to meet women in your opinion?

I would like to know where the best places to meet women are. Where If I walk up to them and introduce myself I won't be impeding on them and when they are less likely to be busy or focused on something.

I will flirt with female workers if they are helping me, like girls who work at footlocker or something. During that time it's easy.

But on other occasions it can be rather difficult, especially if you see a cute girl walking and you decide to go talk to them. I'm sure no one likes being ran up on.
I've done it once she got all cutesy and giggly and told me she had a boyfriend

None of these were helpful :I


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  • Bookstores

    • Bookstores? Why? When I try asking out women, they try to get away from me.

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  • Fuck "meeting women"


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  • Workplace is probably the worst.

    Apart from that, I have no clue because my dating experience has been minimal, and finding a single women these days is so tough. They seem to be an endangered species!