Is it bad to tell a guy you missed him and you haven't seen him in a week?

So he invited me places this week twice but I couldn't go due to my car. I haven't seen him in a few days and I do miss seeing his face. I dont want to come off clingy though. We talk every day. We aren't dating but we go on dates and been seeing eachother for 1 month? I don't know what stage we are in.
Is it weird to send this?:

I really miss seeing you. :(
I hope you have some time to meet up with me soon.

Or does that sound weird? Guys would you like this if you liked a girl?

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Oh and he says he misses me a lot too.
But I never say it back.


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  • How about saying that your are disappointed that you couldn't meet up, and that you look forward to seeing him soon.

    It gives the same message, but sounds a little less intent

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