A kiss on the first date?

well I wasn't positive if it was a date or not... he ask me if I wanted to hang out catch a movie. we did, he walked me to my car. I just went for a hug. I had no clue. I've only seen him 3 times before we started to hang out. he is in one of my classes


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  • So you did kiss? If so, sounds like he initiated it, so I'd say he's deff into you :P See where this goes! go on a few more 'dates' (if the last one was a little ambiguous you can always make the next ones more formal) ~ see how you two work together. This is how dating works. You get to know each other and if you like the other person. Clearly he's attracted to you. How about vice verse?

    Good luck!

    p.s. - I think I got distracted, but to answer the first question (?) kisses on the first date are totally acceptable :P

  • That happened to me, it was even less of a date formally but his focus was on me 100 % for five hours before he walked me home.

    He kissed me & was totally shocked. First kiss first miscommunication first shock lol

    -Do you like him?