Why do I feel so unloved?

I am 24 and never had a boyfriend simply because i feel unworthy of love? i never had a nice mother she Always made me feel unloved and i still live with her and i feel uncomfortable bringing a boyfriend around her, i had a guy who i wanted but i ruined that because when he wanted o have sex with me i freaked out... i felt unloved... i felt attacked, pshyically when all he did was show me love... i still regret letting him go... but now i feel lost at 24... what should i do? i am scared of moving out and being alone..


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  • >> i am scared of moving out and being alone..

    I think if you can confront that fear, you'll feel so much better. It's a scary move. I did it quite a bit younger than you and I was probably just as afraid.

    But I did it, went out into the world, and it helped everything. I broke out of my shell. I stopped clinging onto it for its unpleasant comfort.


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  • You just need to find your niche
    What are your interests and hobbies?
    What would you like to achieve in life and how are you going to do it?
    If you can answer these then you can go and involve yourself with people who have similar mindsets to you. That could be various social clubs, studies, sports or whatever else.
    Put yourself in amoungst the right people and be positive. Good things will come

  • Love yourself at first and then you will feel loved.