Can you love 2 guys at the same time?

I've been in love with this guy for almost a year now. I think he loves me too. But we never got into a relationship. I came across this other guy.. a month back.. spend a lot of time with him in the first week.. after which I think he realised he didn't like me.. or it was probably going too fast.. Despite of all the changes.. I still really like him.. bht I'm not sure about either of them now.. the 2nd guy is weirding out.. but I can't help but stop thinking about him.. I know people keep saying you never loved the first one if you fell for someone else despite og the first guy.. but that advice doesn't help.. I already know that but I'm still very confused.. Am I just physically attracted to the 1st guy? Idk! I love both.. is that even possible!


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  • Just go out with the first guy.


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  • Experiences personal + vicarious have always turned out this way =
    WHEN you are in love with TWO and can't make up your mind, even after listing pros/cons... guess what?
    NEITHER has ALL what it takes to be THE ONE,
    so demote them both to best friends and continue shopping anew for The One