America or France?

At this point in life, I am madly in love with two women.

Carol. I stayed with her family when I went to school abroad for 3 years. We started dating our junior year until graduation. We lost our virginity together and we were in love no doubt. So when she told her father, he went postal. Literally. He moved the family to freakin California and cut off contact between us. Since there was no where for me to go, I had to go back to my family in France. Carol was still 17 so she didn't have say in anything yet.

Marie. After about month of sulking, I tried to get past Carol and move on. I met one of my younger crushes Marie at my sister's party. I had a crush on her since I was 7. She made a face at me and I was stuck ever since. We starting hanging out and pretty soon we fell in love with one another. Like peanut butter and jelly, we were never apart .We even skipped work some days just to spend time with each other .We were going out seriously for about 3 months until f***ing David showed up. Her ex. He is trying real real hard to get Marie back. Marie tells me she is over David but she always acts weird when he around. I really want to believe her as I love her, and I know she does me as well.

The Problem: two weeks ago, it was Carol's 18th birthday. She found out my info from our high school. This is weird, because they denied me when I asked but anyways, back to the story. After talking to Carol for a bit, She told me that she had saved up the money and was coming to visit. I thought this was grand news except for my broken relationship I have now.

Poll: My friends, I am stuck between loving two women. And It's going to break my heart to have choose between them. I have 3 weeks until Carol comes, and me and Marie aren't going out at the time. My sister says Marie hasn't made contact with David since we broke up. The decision is mine to bare but I still want your guys input. What do you think? Carol, from America? Marie, from France?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Where is your heart at? Who do you feel more for?

    How long has it been since you saw Carol? Do you still love Carol?

    Is Marie still wanting a future with you?


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  • Well if you and Marie are not together atm it doesn't seem like you need to make a decision, You just have a friend coming to visit. There is nothing wrong with that. And if anything happens it wouldn't matter because you are not in a relationship, just a single guy who got some action!


What Guys Said 2

  • I'd go with the French woman because they are 1000 times more romantic and interesting, other things being equal. But she sounds like she's still hung up on this David, frankly. CArol doesn't come with such baggage.

    In this situation, I'd go with Carol and try to keep it from Marie as long as you can, because you should keep your options open with her all the same.

    A lot of guys would love to have your problems, my friend.

  • From what you said, it looks like Marie has some unfinished business. That could be troublesome as I know from experience. Carol seems like the better choice since you guys lost your virginity together and all.