Why does his brother dislike me?

So me and my boyfriend have been dating for a couple of months now and i frequently go to his house and half the time his brother is there. for like the first month of us meeting, he kept telling my boyfriend that im cool and fun to be around, and he was really curious about our sex life but i dont mind them talking about it because its great and i talk about it with my close friends too. i've never been alone with his brother or around him for more then like half an hour so we never talked about anything serious, we just joke around and laugh a lot. but after the last time the 3 of us hung out, he told my boyfriend that he shouldn't be with me forever because apparently he thinks im crazy (my boyfriend does too but he likes it because he's a little crazy too) and that im going to take his money (just because i used his card and know his pin code. but i never use it unless he says i should, i have my own money) so my boyfriend told him not to worry about it, im not like that. he said okay. but later he was like oh you two won't last. why? im always really nice to him, me and my boyfriend have a good relationship we're always having fun together and its obvious, he's always talking about how much he cares about me, and all his friends like me. there are just no problems. so why is he starting all this drama?


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  • Maybe he is jealous