Girl Likes me even though she has a boyfriend?

Me and a girl used to flirt all the time - I. e I backed off she started staring at my every move, looking me up and down, copying my acting, staring at the ground when she wouldn't see me on the local transport and then looking shocked to see me and freezing licking her lips etc. as I started to not catch the train as often she got more intense i. e looking at me in cute ways tilting her head and switching between the floor and me. or sticking her named travel card in my face when the ticket warden passed. every two months i would re appear on the train but no longer stand near her. she would start checking hair, make up and perfume. after staring me down from the other side of the train. purposely walk to the other side of the train to she could smile. each time i disappeared and re appeared she went from smiling to walking past and saying hi and blushing badly. at times She would stare at me and rest her head on the window and breath deeply like she was frustrated (This went on for roughly 1.3 years).

After time i went back to finally introduce myself to find out she has a new boyfriend. when I saw her with him she went red, avoided looking at me. looked aggressive towards him. I decided to comment and like her photos on facebook WITHOUT adding her just to surprise her a bit. I caught the train the day after she stood at the stop and faced me with a huge smile whilst i bought a ticket. i ignored her smile. walked to the other side as her boyfriend caught her whilst meeting her. they appeared on the same carriage. she stood closer to me and she checked he wasn't looking and faced me again with wide pupils, smiling widely again then slowly turned back around licking and biting her lips and walked over to her boyfriend.

I got off early to avoid him, he looked mopey and sad. He obv manipulated her to send me a message saying. just as i seen her on occasion doesn't mean I can approach her and that her boyfriend is aware. check update...

So I ignored As i knew i was crap as she always approached me before hand and what was the smiling behind his back about? after months of her wanting my attention she finally has it. so i lef tit 3 days sent a message via her business networking account. I said. sorry. was meaning to introduce myself But she made me shy. I noticed her regular occurances and was meaning to speak with her but couldn't due to my working 100+ a week. I said i respect her wishes
and hope in the future we may introduce ourselves and get to know each other rif she wants to. then said see you around and lef tit at that. I wanted to cut the crap it had gone on to long and I clearly made her feel rejected. so now she hasn't blocked me her boyfriend isn't aware of this message. So she just smiles hugely. but why did she face me with a huge smile and wide pupils I know I surprised her but this is totally confusing by the way im 23 not 15


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  • It's a red flag. Don't bother being in a relationship with her. You could either bang her, tell the boyfriend about it and save him time, or leave it alone. Either way this girl is up to no good.

    • True but she was trying for roughly 1 year but assumed I wasn't interested as I kept disappearing after her making moves etc which resulted in her possibly giving up and finding someone new. now she is probably comfortable with him it would probably be quite a huge risk for her to leave him or sacrifice her relationship with him to get to know me as she doesn't really know me well

    • Well, she should have acted sooner. You moved on, so should she.

  • Well she is probrally not happy in her relationship...

    If a girl has a boyfriend, she is just not worth it... If she wanted you, she would be with you...

    She might just like the attention you giver her...

    If you really like her, you gotta try being a friend and wait until their relationship ends, then you might have a shot...

    Otherwise just start talking to other single girls on the bus!

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