I have to accept my fate?

Dating has always been difficult for me. After being strung along by a girl I fell in love with for 3 years I was left in shambles. She never wanted to commit and the main reason was because I'm short. I've gone to tinder, pof, okcupid, etc. I've ever tried wearing shoe lifts but there was still no noticeable difference in my height. I'm very fit and healthy as I go to the gym and play basketball. I'm college and university educated and I'm funny. Im thoughtful and caring. And I am a driven and motivated person. However my height has always trumped all these good qualities in me. Standing at 5'3, women even shorter than me still judge me. I get a lot of matches and compliments on pof and tinder. I always get told that I'm very good looking, handsome, have an amazing smile, sexy, etc. But when I meet them in person they lose all interest once they see my height. I wish that as long as you were taller than a woman it would be fair game. But women shorter than me still discriminate. I believe I must just accept my fate at 30 years old with never having been in a real relationship before. I have been socially disqualified from dating and ultimately marriage one day by society's standards. Being a man is not enough you must also be tall enough. I have found that women will even sacrifice all those other good qualities just as long as their man is tall enough. This is my life. To think just an extra 2-3 inches and myife would be much different. So. ethjgn so minuscule.


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  • You just lost the genetic lottery. You can either mourn for your entire life or you can work with what you've got.


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  • 2-3 inches? Try 9-12 inches. Sorry bro.

    The good news is, you've missed out on a lot of bad. Relationships have great a great PR/advertising campaign, but the truth is they are crap. You don't know how lucky you are to make it to 30 without discovering that first hand. I'm 37 and I've been through the wringer, so understand that I'm not bullshitting you when I say that you have no idea how good you have had it.

    • So I should be alone forever?

    • Yes. Or rent them by the hour if you so desire.

    • There's gotta be done that won't judge. After all I still get a lot of compliments on how good looking I am plus my smile. I've had friends with benefits before too for about 2 years. I just need a break.

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