This girl is all flirty with me at her work and I like her but she has a bf?

around may the pub I go to hired a new girl for the summer , I had never really even seen or meet her before so she was completely new to me. we pretty much had a connection rate away and have been making endless eye contact ad flirting ever since. she has also never served me she was working as hostess/food runner , so she wasn't just working me for a tip. she'd also make small talk with me when I walked by her for no real reason other than she wanted me to stop and talk to her and notice her. our conversations were really about nothing but no reason to have them with some random guy from the bar other than she wanted to talk to me for some reason?

about a month ago I got curious about her and decided to try and find her online , after a lot of searching I found her instagram page and was very surprised to see she had a serious boyfriend and appeared to have been with him for a while. she also doesn't look like the type to cheat , family oriented , nice girl and not a party girl , barely any pics of her drinking even though she works at a bar. she also hasn't told me she has a boyfriend and I have never seen her boyfriend with her at work yet but he does exist.

I'm left rather confused her interest in me seems very genuine and I was definity into her , she's very attractive and has a background in gymnastics which I find very appealing. I 'd just forget about her if I wasn't so into her and didn't think I had a chance with her


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  • You should forget about her. She has a boyfriend anyway.

    • well I admit I was the one to initiate the flirting and checking out of each other , she hasn't exactly objected to this and its been going on all summer. maybe she is bored with the boyfriend and liked something about me?

    • Dude, how would it make you feel if you were dating a girl and a guy kept asking questions about her? Also, it might be possible that you have misinterpreted her behaviour.

    • she was making small talk with me , this is mutual not only me doing things , think she might be type to crave attention , noticed she has a large social media presence and seems to be looking for attention , maybe I was giving her what she desired

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