The guy has "seen" the message on Facebook but hasn't responded?

I have messaged a few guys on Facebook, and it shows they have "seen" my message, but they have not responded. I went as far showing my interest, gving them my number, wanting to talk and get to know them better. But they have not contacted me through Facebook or phone. What did I do wrong, will I hear from any of these guys?

So should I delete the messages completely?


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  • Could have only had time to read, not reply.

    Could be uninterested.

    • Yeah I am going to wait and see if they reply back, you never know what could happen ya know? XD

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  • He doesn't feel like responding. It happens.


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  • More than likely they won't contact you.
    I recently did the same messaging my HS crush but she never responded even after she had seen it. I posted a question about it as well and a couple of girls gave opinions to why she didn't respond.

    The guys might think you're a catfish as well.

    Don't sweat it, there are other guys out there who'll be interested. Don't waste your time on people who aren't interested in you.

  • They simply dont like you. And you didn't really do anythig wrong because there's nothing you can really do about it. Sorry about that. Meet new guys.


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