I'm always the one who texts first. What to do?

I met a guy through an online dating site. He seemed to want to keep talking to me and we eventually started texting. It turns out that he lives in the same town as me, is friends with one of my best guy friends, and went to my school last year.

However, the problem is that I'm always the one who texts first. He still seems to want to talk to me, but he will never contact me unless I contact him. Does this mean he isn't interested?


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  • He is either not that into you or he likes to be pursued by a girl which is not how things should go. Its 50/50. If he doesn't show any effort in you then why should you do it all? Stop contacting him first. This will make him wonder about you because that is not usually. See the thing is that you are predictable to him. He knows he doesn't have to put in much effort cause you will always be the first one too. SO change that. If you stop texting first and you do not hear from him no more then you know that he just was not that interested. Never pursue a man. They should purse you more but you do your part too.

    • Thank you very much for your advice. :]

    • Your welcome

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