What should I do next? His mother is the issue?

So he acts like he likes me and treats me like it, I'm his only girl "friend". However he said "I don't like anyone, I think you like me but I only like you as a friend. but I do enjoy your company when we text and hunt."
And then later, he said "my mom was very insistent on me sending that message."
Now that I think back, the stars line up exactly just right to point to the fact that his mother won't let him date. He acts like he likes me, totally 100%, but his mother won't let him have social media although his sisters do.
Yes I've had guy friends before, this is not a mistaken instinct


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  • Some parent thinks kids are stupid and don't know or understand what they want. They try to control them and control who they will see or date. They are wrong doing so, we cannot control young peoples desires and it's wrong thinking that younger peoples and even kids don't have sexuality. They do have and even if the law is kind of stiffy about it, i would not feel bad about anything as long as everything is made under consent on both sides :-)

    Love, peace , happiness, hugs and cuddles :-)

    • So what would you do in this situation?

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    • Well, I'm 14, he's 15. So not old enough to do much. His mother hasn't directly implied she doesn't like me, she isvery respectful towards me. In fact, we met because my dad is friends with his dad. But, her and his actions imply his mother doesn't want him to date, nor have social media.

    • His mother will not be able to keep him away from you forever. Discuss each other about that problem and how together you want and are ready to face it. If love is there, you will both do it really well and parents will have to accept it one day or another :-)

      Peace, love, happiness, hugs and cuddles :-)

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  • I think you should maybe talk to him about it

    • Hard to do since his mother reads all his texts, but I could try. Maybe in person. But it's long distance so it makes things 10x harder

    • I guess just try talking to him and at the end, parents are just trying to protect their children... Good luck

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