Craziness at bar , hit on friend of this girl that I knew and don't think it went over that well?

well actually I think the girl I hit on was ok with it and maybe enjoyed the attention , but her friend was maybe more caught off guard and she's also friends with another girl I know fairly well , who I had talked to earlier in the night , she appeared annoyed at me for this when she found out later in the night and than I didn't see her after that.
so basically we have 3 hot girls who I know and all know each other , at least 2 of them like me , not sure what other one thinks of me.
I didn't think I had done anything wrong by hitting on the other girl , I had seen her there before and really wanted to meet her but think the other 2 were caught off guard by my interest in her , they didn't know that I liked her.
is there any way to actually date the new girl or are the other 2 just going to be so annoyed at me and ruin things?


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  • You really shouldn't hit on two girls that are friends with each other.

    • I'm not sure there actually friends with each other , it seems more likely they are friends with the same girl. the 3rd girl I mentioned in story one who was at bar with them but I didn't hit on her , she seems to be good friends with both these girls but its not clear if these girls are friends with each other , they may just have a girlfriend in common

    • If you want to date the girl, she'll decide if she wants to. Call and ask or forever wonder.

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  • From what you said I don't think it's a "OMG all these girls like me and are competing for my attention!😍"

    I'd be more likely to believe you interrupted a conversation or said something that wasn't polite.

    • I meet 2 of them last summer , so knew them for about a year. I've talked to them a number of times at that bar and we know each other fairly well. I had just talked to them on the patio , the first one was being kind of awkward and tough to talk to at first.
      the second one i've only meet this summer and our convo went better and she seemed more into which surprised me cause I had seen her there before and didn't think she liked me. the whole night was kind of weird , I think both these girls are interested in me or they wouldn't always be around me there?

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    • It just sounds like people being polite to me

    • well to a certain extent maybe true , it is a very social bar and a lot of socialising takes place on the patio. it be normal to talk to a lot of people there. I'm pretty sure these girls like me as more than a friend but girl # 1 has been more distant this summer than last summer , we seemed closer then

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