Hanging out with a guy for the first time. Any tips?

Going to the park to play pokemon go, lol. It will be our first time hanging out. He's a quiet guy so I might have to be the one to keep the conversation going. I'm the same way when I'm around someone I don't know that well. Any topics or tips I should know before going. I was thinking truth or dare, but he might get the wrong impression.


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  • Don't worry about pauses, they are normal. If you can enjoy each other presence as saying just nothing, that's wonderful :-)

    For the wrong impression, the best i can say is to be yourself. If you're a slow girl, be slow, if you're quick, be quick in business!

    At least, you want someone who will be great with who you are don't you?

    Love, peace, happiness, hugs and cuddles :-)


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