Do you think all women by nature are hypergamous?

Do you believe in female hypergamy? I did a bit of reading and listening in to these sources (below) that explain the gender dynamics between men and women regarding feminism's imperative in western civilization. Is it true women only pick the highest bidder when selecting partners? or should the good provider or caring nice guys give up on dating? Please check out the sources below to get an idea of what female hypergamy is before commenting so you can emphasize your argument. Also no hate comments... please. Have a valid argument, preferably with backed up claims.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes, and if you want proof then watch what they do.

    • Well I never take advise from women on what women want from a guy. Dont seek their advise because its garbage and WATCH what they do instead... is that what you mean?

    • Yes, that's what I mean

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  • couldn't make it past 40 seconds on the first video before something blatantly sexist comes out- men are inherently superior to women.
    please don't ever bother dating a woman.


What Guys Said 1

  • Going to go with debatable. However yes, I believe women more than men seek a mate of a higher social and monetary class.

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