I Want to Let my Crush know How big of a Positive Influence she's had on me. Should I message her and let her know about it?

Back in High school ( A year ago. This story will take place 2 years ago in junior year), I used to have this major crush on this girl we will call K and I feel that she changed my life. She was beautiful, smart, and productive in all school activities. Unlike me, I never placed emphasis on education or anything of that matter, until I met her and realized I needed to be with someone who will push me ahead, and so she became my main source of motivation, my reasoning for continuing my education beyond high school - a major positive influence on me. I was also always a shy kid, until that year that I made attempts at trying to become more outgoing, and so I joined a club that she was also in. However, I still continued to be extremely shy around her. I believe she knew I liked her. She said Hi and waved a few times, I did too, but it never went beyond that. Sooner, supplemented with other variables I, unfortunately, delved deeper into anxiety because I felt that I had failed. I quit the club, I became a depressed mess and I despised everyone; I blamed them all for my hatred , which was really anxiety more than anything else. However, I now realized it was all because of my failure to take action. Understandably, K stopped making any attempts at being friendly. She would ignore me any time she saw me - and that would completely ruin my day. I tried to wave at her a few times, but she would return the favor in a disinterested manner. I was a fucking loser and you can still argue it after reading what i'm about to say. To this day, my social anxiety still persist but not in a severe form as it had back then. I want to change myself and not slowly die here in isolation, I want to let K know how big of a positive impact she had in my life and to let her know that I truly admire her educational successes. I want her to be aware that high school junior year was not a negative experience for me because unknowing to her, she inspired me to change my educational views

I want her to be aware of what I just said, but I can only complete it by sending her a message on facebook ( she's been on my friends list for a long time now). What do you guys think?

I think she's currently in my city because it's her summer vacation from college, but i dont feel as though I am ready to ask her out anywhere. I'm sending her this message to let her know that I am interested in her, but I'm also doing it for myself as a first good gesture to try and become more social,
more social, productive, and responsible. In the mean time, I have no job or anything of the likes. I have no money or any means of transportation, plus there's not a lot of fun things you can do in my city. Basically what I am trying to say is that I need more time to accumulate confidence. However, I am also sending her this message before it becomes too late.


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  • Tell her.


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  • Same dude, over the past 2 years of knowing her my crush has inspired me to talk to people (like workers at places, or customers at the grocery store we worked at) more, just to be nice. She also inspired me to wanna travel places and explore the world, and not just settle for a boring life.

    Yes, you should tell her, it's always great to know you've helped someone out. Especially if you changed their life, even if you weren't trying. Just tell her. (I'd say to do it in person if that's possible).