Is he just nervous around me? how long will that last?

I have been hanging out and making out with this guy for about 2 weeks. He gives off every sign that he likes me and is interested in me. But I am the main one initiating our hang outs. When I ask he almost always says yes and He always pays when we grab food. And he will mention almost texting me about doing stuff but then doesn't. Also whenever we are together we talk and laugh for hours But whenever we are sober it seems like we are both a bit timid and shy about initiating cuddling and kissing etc. How long does this stage last?


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  • Well the fact that you are initiating things could mean that he is either shy or he is submissive as a person and he is completely fine with you taking charge of things.


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  • Yes, I'd say he is just nervous. Maybe he hasn't dated much.


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