What not to talk about with girls?

this girl, who i've already setup a second date with, was talking to me last night about other guys hitting on her.

so in exchange i told her stories of ME hitting other girls and the results of it.

my first story was of me being rejected. she had a good laugh at that.

the second was me being successful and getting a date.
on that she suddenly turns cold, tells me she doesn't see the point of the story, and leaves the conversation.

she hasn't said anything to me since then...

is this something i should never talk about with girls who i'm flirting with?


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  • Personally, I am pretty open minded when it comes to guys I date talking about previous dates. I mean he is on a date with me for a reason (it didn’t work out with prior date so he is here with me trying to see if we have a connection). But I suppose that’s because I grew up around boys (was a tomboy as a kid) so I understand how a guy’s mindset works.

    But for other women, it wouldn’t be such a pleasant experience when the guy that you like, is ranting on and on about other women. This could be for various reasons,
    a) His attention isn’t fully focused on you.
    b) Second dates are meant for you both to still be getting to know each other (it would be safe to talk about these sorts of topic when she asks- means she is curious)


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  • I don't think girls really want to hear about your exploits with other girls unless it's said jokingly. The time you got rejected, that was said jokingly.. You were having a laugh at yourself. Now I'll tell a girl that I've slept with a 1000 women in the past week.. But of course I haven't, it's a joke... She knows that.. She'll laugh. But if you're telling a true story, especially if she likes you... She doesn't want to hear about success you've had with other girls.. It will just make her feel uncomfortable and maybe even slightly jealous or she'll just think you're trying to show off.


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  • Just think of how would you feel if she talked about some guy she hooked up. Not nice to hear and it all depends how it was said. I don't think you did something wrong... Personally I'd like to hear about the experience of the guy I'm interested in... but I know many people wouldn't want to..


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